Penguin baby nasal aspirator/suction

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Silicone material Baby Nasal Aspirator. Used in newborn and older. Can be used in high and low temperature,non-toxic and odorless.100% food grade material is safe for baby use. Soft for baby comfort and easily removes nasal secretions and mucus by aspiration promoting easier breathing. One-way valves ensures mucus never flows back towards baby’s nasal passage. Removes the mucus relieving baby’s nasal blockage. Safety tip assures correct insertion depth. Disassembles easily after use for quick cleaning. Easy to clean by removing the soft nozzle by grasping firmly and pulling. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Allow to dry thoroughly before replacing silicone nozzle and cap. Silicone baby nasal aspirator is easily cleaned with dish soap&water. Non-toxic and tasteless,heat-resistant-autoclavable.

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Penguin baby nasal aspirator/suction